Explore How Finance Can Turn Adversity Into A Critical Edge


Turning Adversity into Advantage

Finance Paves the Way for Future Growth

It is often in overcoming the greatest struggles that we achieve the greatest growth. This is true for both the human spirit and for businesses. The global response to COVID-19 in 2020 presented some of the biggest challenges businesses had to face in modern times. It was a time of retrenching: re-evaluating costs, cash, and how to manage liquidity; rapidly adapting to rapidly shifting work patterns; reworking processes to function in a decentralized work environment; and so many other unexpected situations.

Because of these challenges, businesses have, by necessity, become more agile and better able to respond to business conditions. Indeed, 86% of executive leaders agree that the pandemic has forced their organizations to become more open to experimentation and quick shifts in strategy.1 This adaptability and agility, in turn, helps position them for future growth.

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