CIAM Providers for Enterprise Capabilities

A Checklist Buyer’s Guide With Essential Customer Identity

Legacy Identity and Access Management

In an effort to mitigate costs, many organizations have tried modifying their current employee IAM systems to meet trends and demands, rather than invest in an enterprise CIAM platform. Yet, as the pandemic’s disruption made apparent, the results are less than ideal.

Legacy IAM systems are built to support employee use cases; they are not built to secure and manage millions or billions of consumer, partner, and IoT identities – not to mention their data. Also, legacy IAM was not designed to provide effortless, omnichannel experiences; support privacy and data regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), or Consumer Data Right (CDR); nor mitigate the risk of today’s sophisticated cybercrime and fraud. Furthermore, legacy IAM solutions don’t support modern standards, making it impossible for them to address today’s intermediate to advanced consumer, partner, and IoT use cases. It is also very difficult and expensive to upgrade them – yet they must be upgraded to meet the most basic use cases, not to mention the eight trends.

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