What Businesses with AI in Production Can Teach Those Lagging Behind

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End-users appreciate being able to influence the build of their devices

Knowledge workers spend a lot of their time on their devices. In fact, those participating in this survey were required to report spending at least half their time on a company-provided desktop or laptop. It stands to reason that users should be able to influence the build of their devices, spanning characteristics like performance specifications, form factor, apps installed, and more, to fit their needs.

However, organizations must balance user preference with operational efficiency. If every device was custom-tailored to every user, provisioning, management, break/fix response, and helpdesk processes would be incredibly complicated.

Organizations’ efforts to strike this balance How do you feel about being allowed to influence the build of your work device? are apparent in the data. When ESG asked IT decision makers how much flexibility is afforded to end-users in device provisioning processes, the majority (62%) reported device builds are informed by the employee’s role, requirements, and/or personal preferences, while just 38% reported all users are provided with a standardized device build.

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