How Innovative Games Are Engaging Players With Agora’s Real-time Engagement Solutions

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See how gaming companies create more engaging products with Agora’s real-time video, voice, and chat solutions.

We are witnessing a seismic shift in the gaming landscape. Today’s gamers demand faster performances and heightened interactivity. Socialization and connecting with other players are an intrinsic part of the modern gaming landscape.

Especially for younger generations, players that only play games without any kind of socialization component are in the minority. According to recent data, 77% of the world’s online population engages in gaming in more ways than just playing the game.

Finding and building community is also a core component of the gaming experience. 84% of gamers use video games to connect and build community around similar interests.

For companies that have heavily invested in creating an engaging gaming experience, adding real-time engagement tools will elevate your product to meet modern consumer preferences. Real-time engagement tools such as voice, video, or chat will create more social gaming experiences that boost player engagement, improve player retention, and expand revenue streams.

Read how our customers have used Agora’s real-time engagement technology to create exceptional in-game experiences.

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