AES CEO Says, Its time to start blending of Natural gas with green hydrogen

Major economies in the world are coming up with plans to shift from fossil fuels to green hydrogen using low or zero-carbon technologies.

Technological innovation, huge money, and tremendous political will are essential to make this shift and it is essential to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The blending of green hydrogen and natural gas is seen as one of the many strategies to shift from the fossil fuels to renewable source of energy.

The CEO and President of AES, Andrés Gluski at World Economic Forum meeting in Davos offered his take on how the blending of green hydrogen with natural gas can play a significant role in an effort to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

Andrés Gluski said, “I feel very confident in saying that, for the next 20 years, we need natural gas. Now, what we can start to do today is blend it with green hydrogen. So we’re running tests that you can blend it up to, say 20%, in existing turbines, and new turbines. But it’s just difficult to see that you’re going to have enough green hydrogen to substitute it like, in the next 10 years.”

Green hydrogen is produced using electrolysis and renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Green hydrogen has high-profile backers likeGerman Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

German Chancellor said, “Green hydrogen is one of the most important technologies for a climate-neutral world and the key to decarbonizing our economies.”

Today, most of the energy is produced from fossil fuels which results in huge greenhouse gas emissions, which is completely at odds with net-zero carbon emission goals.