LinkedIn’s Report Says, Singapore workers are the fastest adopters of AI in the world

According to LinkedIn’s latest Future of Work report, Singaporean workers are the fastest adopters of AI skills in the world.

The report, which collected data from 25 countries, found that Singapore has the highest “spread”, with a 20-fold increase in the proportion of members adding AI skills to their profiles since January 2016. According to a LinkedIn report, “That’s significantly higher than the global average of eight times.”

According to the report, Finland (16x), Ireland (15x), India (14x) and Canada (13x) are among the top five countries with the highest penetration rates of AI skills.

Pooja Chhabria, LinkedIn’s career expert and head of delivery for Asia Pacific, said, “Singapore has long been a ‘fertile breeding ground’ for AI disruption. This is because of the country’s strong digital infrastructure, a strong framework for protecting intellectual property, and a thriving ecosystem of venture capitalists, and angel investors who provide capital.”

She added, “Over the years, we’ve seen rapid growth in AI development and adoption, fueled by startups and companies looking for new niches or gain a greater competitive advantage.”

According to LinkedIn, the five fastest-growing AI-related skills added to members’ profiles in 2022 pointed to the emergence of generative AI. This includes skills like answering questions – which grew by 332% – ratings and recommendation systems.