Sam Altman Says, OpenAI Changed its Plans and Won’t Train LLMs on Customer Data

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently said, “OpenAI hasn’t trained its AI large-language models such as GPT with paying customer data for a while. Customers clearly want us not to train on their data, so we’ve changed our plans: We will not do that.”

OpenAI’s terms of service were updated on March 1. Altman said, “We don’t train on any API data at all, we haven’t for a while.”

OpenAI’s business customers include Microsoft, Salesforce, and Snapchat will most probably take advantage of OpenAI’s API capabilities.

OpenAI’s new privacy and data protection extends to customers who use OpenAI’s API services.

The company’s updated Terms of Use mentions, “We may use Content from Services other than our API.”

The change comes as companies grapple with the possibility of large-language models replacing material that humans usually create.

The Writers Guild of America began striking recently after negotiations between the Guild and movie studios were not successful. The Guild had been pushing for restrictions on the use of ChatGPT for rewriting and script generation.

Executives are also equally worried about the possible impact of ChatGPT and such programs on their intellectual property.

Entertainment mogul and IAC Chairman Barry Diller has suggested, “Media companies could take their issues to the courts and potentially sue AI companies over the use of the creative content.”