Tech Analysts Say, Chinese Chip Makers can build their own Advanced Chips

Industry analysts are optimistic that Chinese chip makers will develop their own advanced semiconductors despite Washington’s attempts to cut the country off from accessing or manufacturing the technology.

Daniel Newman, CEO and principal analyst at research firm Futurum Group said, “I don’t underestimate China’s ability and resolve to build next-generation technologies and to also utilize some lagging technologies to still build really important products,”

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Chinese companies such as Huawei and Alibaba are studying methods to develop innovative artificial intelligence performance with fewer or less powerful semiconductors or combine different chips to reduce reliance on a single hardware. Industry experts believe it will be a challenge for these Chinese tech firms, but some experiments have shown promise.”

Paul Scharre, vice president and director of studies at the think tank, the Center for a New American Security, said, “Nothing’s impossible. I certainly think in the long run, we should expect the Chinese to make these technological advancements. It’s quite possible that they’re able to do so faster than maybe others might expect.”

Nvidia Founder and CEO Jensen Huang said, “China is dedicating massive resources to its chip industry, so you can’t underestimate them.”

Reuters reported, “China is pouring more than $140 billion into its chip industry.”